Sunday, March 25, 2018

Infidelity Investigations

It is strange how people now view infidelity as it has almost become an expected behavior. It is amazing that businesses and individuals spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on protecting their assets from theft, yet we feel uncomfortable about protecting are biggest asset, our spouse.

Just for a second, lets forget about the emotional impact infidelity may cause and lets figure out the monetary value of your relationship, and what you stand to lose if that partner went away. Could you afford to lose 50% of the value of everything you own? Could you continue your standard of living if you lost your spouses income? Would you need additional assistance with child care? Would you need to find another residence?

There is so much to lose. Being prepared for that loss emotionally and financially, before a cheating partner takes everything away, can only help. Here is some information to identify signs of infidelity, and my suggested equipment helpful in gathering evidence of infidelity:

Warnings Signs:
  • Does your partner suddenly care more about their appearance?
    Are they working out more and are they buying new clothing and sexy undergarments (thongs,g-string,etc)?
  • Is your partner more concerned with your schedule?
  • Is he or she spending more time on the computer when you are in bed?
  • When you interrupt computer activity does he or she quickly click through pages using the mouse?
  • If you have access to cell phone activity, do you see similar numbers showing up at specific times, such as during breaks, lunch, or while transporting to and from work?
  • If you dont have access to cell phone activity, when you ask for the activity, does your partner get defensive and is quick with responses of anger and statements such as “dont you trust me!”?
  • Is your partner, all of sudden, working longer or unusual hours?
  • Are you receiving frequent private calls when the caller hangs up when you answer?
  • Are you noticing odd vehicles parked down the street from you?
  • Are more of your cell phone calls to your partner going to voice mail?
  • When your partner comes home, does he or she immediately go elsewhere to change, use the bathroom, or go elsewhere in the home first before approaching you?
  • Does your partner own a calling card?
Investigation Tools:
If possible, never reveal or confront partner during mid investigation. Wait until you have as much factual evidence so you can dispute any comebacks, lies, or excuses the partner may reveal during the confrontation.
Furthermore, try to prepare yourself for less emotion during the confrontation. Approach yourself as an investigator. You want to present facts and watch and learn from your partners emotional reaction. Their reaction may reveal how you should take the next step in your relationship.
Always remember when your partner is guilty, they will always try to lay the blame on you. You should never feel guilty for your partner's infidelity.

Need advise or assistance with your investigation? Please feel free to contact me.

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